Yoga for communal healing

I believe that yoga can be a powerful tool for healing and, in that space of healing, building a community where people can come together to have truly powerful and meaningful experiences together. Whether we are freeing our hips with ecstatic dance or freeing our minds with powerful pranayama, all of Yogic Playground’s classes have self-love as the motive. That self-love grows to have a ripple effect, spreading the seed of healing and acceptance beyond the yoga mat.

-Colleen Davidson

Colleen DAvidson

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  • Seeking Joy

    We experience a vast number of emotions throughout our lives. There’s despair, anger, jealousy, confusion, guilt, love, serenity, and amusement, just to name a few. Joy is one of the emotions we seek out the most. We strive for joy. We look for it because when we don’t have it, we feel lonely, lost and…

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I love to create unique yoga experiences. I have worked with a variety of collaborators, including musicians, charities, writers and Northern Illinois University. If you are a local artist, musician, writer, healer, school, local bussiness owner or charity, and you are interesting in co-hosting a yoga event, please reach out!