Colleen Davidson – Founder of Yogic Playground

Hi I’m Colleen

The founder of Yogic Playground.

For me, yoga has been a powerful tool for healing. 

I began my yoga journey looking up yoga videos on YouTube, trying to squeeze some form of exercise into my life while my toddler was finally sleeping in the other room. I was a single mother, working multiple jobs and trying the best I could to carve out time for myself, even though it seemed like there was never time. I chose a 20-minute practice that I did everyday for 2 weeks. I started to notice changes in my body and, to my surprise, my mind. Yoga transformed me. My mindset shifted from stress and overwhelm to empowerment and acceptance. Emotional wounds that I’d carried with me started to smooth into scars and I decided that I wanted to dive deeper into the healing practice of yoga.

During my training with Breathe for Change, a non-profit dedicated to supporting educators and social change, I learned how to use yoga as a way to mend my whole-self by following a path to developing a healthier mind, body and soul. I learned trauma-informed practices and yogic philosophy that helped me to work through past traumas, develop more compassion for others, and to love and trust myself. I hope to share what I learned with others to inspire healing, self-discovery, and community.

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I love to create unique yoga experiences. I have worked with a variety of collaborators, including musicians, charities, writers and Northern Illinois University. If you are a local artist, musician, writer, healer, school, local bussiness owner or charity, and you are interesting in co-hosting a yoga event, please reach out!

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